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Tubing is cold drawn, seamless, and is supplied in the 1/8 hard condition (not annealed). Tensile strength is approximately 40 percent higher than that of annealed tubing. All tubing is manufactured in strict accordance with High Pressure Equipment Company specifications to insure tolerances and bore quality. Tubing is stocked in lengths of 18 to 22 feet but may be ordered in shorter lengths with no additional cutting charge. 

Tube Bending

Tube working machine

The coned and threaded tubing ends for the medium, high and ultra high pressure connections may be supplied by any of the following:

. Standard length tubing nipples with ends prepared. Maintained in stock—ready for shipment.

. Special length tubing nipples with ends prepared. Specify length required (up to 22 feet long). Add coning and threading charge to tubing price. (While not in stock, special length nipples can be furnished quickly for prompt delivery).

. Preparation of tubing ends at your own facility by hand tooling as described in this section. The coning and threading tools are designed for simple yet accurate preparation of tubing ends for the medium, high and ultra high pressure connections. A liberal amount of cutting fluid should be used, and a supply is furnished with each order for tooling. Interchangeable spare parts allow easy change over from one size tubing to another on both the coning and threading tools. Note that the reseating tool is not required for tubing preparation.

Tube clamps

In almost all industrial countries and for more than 5 decades, STAUFF Clamps symbolise quick and easy pipe, tube, hose and cable installations as well as a clean distinct pipe layout. Their vibration and noise reducing features are appre­ciated as being an important contribution to environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

STAUFF Clamps have been successfully tested and approved by several international organisations. Apart from the technical sophistication, the global availability with branches and distributors in all industrial countries and the second-to-none delivery are only some of the main reasons to pick STAUFF Clamps for your application.



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