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Test Gauge, Mud Gauge

Test Gauge

Stewarts Pressure Gauge is “Renowned for Safety, Quality, and Reliability”. The Products are manufactured to meet the CE marking requirements of P.E.R.1999 (S2001) and P.E.D. 97/23/EC together with ISO 9001 approval. Stewarts Pressure Gauge have the most comprehensive selection of the pressure gauges up to 60,000psi, which includes Liquid Filled Gauges, Vibra Gauges, Safety zone Reflective Gauges. The accuracy of the gauges can achieve up to+/- 0.25% of full scale.



Mud Gauge

The De Wit stainless-steel mud gauge is an own-designed instrument for accurate indication when cementing, fracturing, acidizing or gravel packing. The case is made of a heavy rugged 316 SS construction, designed with a safety factory in excess of normal requirements. The entire bottom is also made of 316 SS.

A 2in connection allows direct mounting to any 2in NPT fitting on pump or well head:

- For pressures up to 15,000psi (or metric equivalents)

- Heavy duty all 316 SS execution for rugged circumstances

- Big true view pointer ? no guesswork

- Large, fully visible dial - easier to read than fixed pointer gauges

- Affordable, cost-effective solution for monitoring mud pressure




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